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It was like he was admonishing himself for falling for Amasawa’s seductive charms, even if only for a moment.

“I don’t particularly mind if you just forget about this entire conversation.”

She was saying that, to her, this was nothing more than a bonus game.

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There certainly wasn’t any dire need for her to go out of her way and partner up with an E+ student.

Given the perfection of her rating and class, she would probably always have someone willing to pay.

To some extent, you could even call us lucky. If we agreed, Sudō would gain the right to partner up with an A-rated student. Even if it didn’t end up happening, it’s not like there would be any penalty either.

“You’re really not just messing around with us? You’re being completely serious?”

As she asked this, the look in Horikita’s eyes was the true essence of seriousness itself.

“Of course I am.”

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“I see. In that case, we’ll have to hear you out seriously as well then.”

“O-oi Suzune?”

“Good~ Good~ I want to pair up with somebody strong.”

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“Alright then, Sudō-kun, you should accept her offer.”