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“(W-what is this? Are they actors? It’s completely like they’re on a stage…)”

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I felt like they would shout “Oh, god, we have to redo it!?” any time now.

She turned to deal with the customer once again.

“Um, but I don’t really know the name myself…”

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“Tsk…! Is there nothing that can be done!?”

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He hung his head. …It was the first time I heard anyone say that in real life.

“(I shouldn’t be sitting around watching… I’m wasting time.)”

I should probably leave right after I confirm that they don’t have Crystal Cradle 3—

“Cra… cr, cracking Chestnut Condor! It’s something like that, then the number 3!”

I looked over towards the counter. By any chance…

In contrast to me, the clerk was looking up the game “Cracking Chestnut Condor”, and obviously, got the result “No matches”.

“Dammit…! Is it the end of the line!?”

Why are you using that phrase? …Well, that’s fine, but was he searching for…

While wondering what I should do, he looked over to me and shouted at me.

“You boy, over there!”

“Over there!?”

Again, why is he talking like that?

When I asked “Y-yes?” while trembling in fear, he called out to me with a sharp glint in his eye.

“Shoplifting is a crime!”