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Tendo-san moved her face away a little and extended her right hand, as if she was asking me to shake hands.

… Oh no, I was on the verge of tears.

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In my eyes, Tendo-san was like Buddha who was lowering the spider web to save Kandata. It’s true, I could see the halo behind her. What a merciful person. She offered me another chance… To a foolish background character like me.

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I switched the phone to my left hand, and then slowly extended my right towards her… I didn’t reached out quickly simply because I was shy, and a corner of my heart was still lingering over what the ‘belief’ in my heart yesterday was.

However… Since I couldn’t recall it, it was probably not important.

Despite hesitating for a moment, I steeled my heart and reach for her hand──

‘MONO’s help request: five seconds remaining.’

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── I didn’t take her hand, but pressed the ‘accept help request’ button on my phone instead… Phew, that was close. It was fine now. It would be fine to press pause on the battle for now──

"...... Ah."

When I came to my senses, I had already did something unbelievably rude… Even Tendo-san who was extending her hand was smiling stiffly. Under the gaze of the classmates who didn’t know what was happening, Tendo-san forced a smile and asked:

“A… Amano-kun? Could it be… That boring social network game is more important than my invitation?”

“Huh? Ah, no, sorry! I am very sorry, we were in the middle of a conversation! That was really rude of me! I am really sorry! I apologize for that! Like this!”

I lowered my head in apology hurriedly… but, how should I say this?

Unfortunately, I remembered my feelings yesterday because of our conversation just now.

… Sigh… No other way about this. Yes, I remembered, it couldn’t be helped.