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Ryūen simply wasn’t bothering to resist what was coming to him.

“You have to consider Ryūen’s feelings. It’s your duty as someone who follows him.”

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“I, I…”

Ishizaki clenched his fists, filled with regret.

He really wants to save Ryūen, huh?

No matter how many enemies you have, it’s not a bad thing to have friends who care about you.

He may not admit to it, but Ryūen has some good friends.

An idea started to take shape in my mind.

However, there were a few things that needed to happen before it could be carried out.

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“If I had one piece of advice for you…”

“What is it!? It doesn’t matter what it is, just tell me!”

Ishizaki lurched forward, desperately reaching out for any glimmer of hope he could.

But, unfortunately, those hopes of his weren’t going to last for long.

“As things are now, Ryūen’s private points will disappear along with him. If he’s been receiving points from Class A this whole time, then he’s ought to have saved up a least a couple million points by now. Right?”

“Yeah. As long as he hasn’t used them, he should have around that much.”

“There’s no guarantee that his private points will be transferred or distributed amongst his classmates if he’s still holding onto them when he gets expelled. That being the case, you should transfer all of his points elsewhere before his expulsion is set in stone. They’ll be useful for Class D later on.”

If the points were distributed amongst Class D, they would lose their value as a lump sum. It would be better for them to transfer everything into their own pockets now.