Is the online shop writing a review to make money?

Is the online shop writing a review to make money?

In comparison, the dramatic changes done in Ocean Stronghold was extremely daring!

Of course, strictly speaking, this Red Kilin could be considered to be overly fancy.

The exaggerated design, the bold alterations, and the elaborate special effects... all of that made Chen Sha a little instinctively uncomfortable when he saw it for the first time.

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Chen Sha had been playing FPS games for so many years and was already used to how AK rifles looked. It was normal that he would be unaccustomed when the rifle’s appearance suddenly changed from realistic to fantasy-like.

However, it was undeniable that this weapon looked really cool!

The longer one looked at it, the cooler it became!

Chen Sha stared at the special effects on the Red Kilin for a long time. The red fur on the Red Kilin’s head seemed to blaze in the air like burning flames and move with every breath. Together with the dazzling paint on the rifle body...

Once accustomed to the fantasy-like designs, it seemed to be surprisingly enchanting, didn’t it?

Look at the price.

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It was truly 888 yuan each!

Chen Sha could not help but exclaim, “Impressive!”

It was really impressive that the game designer dared to price a weapon at such a high price. He really had the guts!

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Normally, prices within games would slowly increase to test the bottom-line price of the players.

For instance, the paywall for the game Qute Three Kingdoms was quite low. That resulted in most players reaching the maximum paywall of the game. Only afterward did Qute Three Kingdoms add new things that players could recharge with money to purchase. Gradually, the maximum amount for the premium system and the number of purchasable items increased with time.

It was extremely rare for a game to price an item at 888 yuan from the get-go, just like what Ocean Stronghold did!

Chen Sha looked through the in-game shop and noticed a problem.

There were no page indicators or columns for purchasable items!