What software downloads are available online?

What software downloads are available online?

Seems like we’ve dried up discussing in this place for a long time.

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“At least, it seems tough to build a base here…“

Classmates started occasionally shrieking due to the heat and it looked like Hirata felt the toughness of making a base camp out of a beach as well. If this were a genuine camp, we’d have ways of setting up a parasol and turf tent, having fun swimming in the sea and protecting ourselves from the sun as much as we like, but in this condition even that was hard.

“Shall we move until we find a place with shade for the present? We can also talk while moving.“

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Hirata took the initiative and started carrying the tent. The other guys jumped too.

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“By the way … Did Sudou tidy up that toilet properly?“

One girl pointed at the toilet anxiously.

Someone said that when Sudou came out after doing his business, he was empty-handed.

At least inside that …

The sun was blazing down on the toilet left. The inside of the tent was certainly a steam bath.

Our classmates looked like they were about to start screaming from the increasing heat. Hirata too, positioned on the beach began to grasp the difficulty of the situation. If we wanted to have a real camping, then we needed to build a tarp tent. From swimming in the sea or playing on the beach to protecting our bodies from the sun, how many more things do we need? The situation, now, is rather difficult.

“For the time being, let’s move in a place under shade.”