Hefei online part-time money

Hefei online part-time money

“Then why is this FV Club spending their own money to advertise for the qualifiers? I thought this was an idea from Long Yu Corporation.” Chrétien said.

Zhao Xuming was confused. “When did this happen? Why didn’t I know about it?”

Chrétien was a little unhappy. “Since yesterday, Boss Zhao doesn’t seem to be very well-informed.”

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Zhao Xuming quickly explained, “I’ve been busy for the past two days and didn’t pay much attention to this.”

He turned to his subordinate. “Do you know about this?”

The subordinate nodded. “I know. Actually, the publicity only appeared yesterday afternoon and evening. I’ve already sorted out the relevant content. I wanted to report to you later today.”

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The subordinate quickly took the initiative to take the blame seeing that the atmosphere was not right.

Zhao Xuming said coldly, “Give it to me now!”

The subordinate quickly stood up and left. A moment later, he returned with a set of documents and handed them to Zhao Xuming.

Zhao Xuming took it and quickly scanned through it.

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From the report, the FV Club had done publicity in many places, including live-stream platforms, video websites, forums, and so on. Apart from buying hot searches and advertisements, there were also signs of fake reviewers under these topics.

It had indeed greatly increased its popularity, but all of these marketing activities were limited to the domestic IOI qualifiers and FV Club.

What’s more, since the FV Club itself was not very famous, they had to use the IOI World Finals for marketing. Therefore, FV Club was not the most important part of the publicity.

It was no wonder that Chrétien thought that Long Yu Corporation had instructed the FV Club to do these marketing activities.

Zhao Xuming was confused. What was happening?