Is it true that the endorsement is true?

Is it true that the endorsement is true?

These live-stream platforms would definitely not dare to.

That was because they were different from Bunny Tail Live-Stream. Bunny Tail Live-Stream had the real number of viewers as soon as it started. It had already established such an image, and the audience had accepted it. On the other hand, other live-stream platforms had been using popularity to create an illusion. Once they announced the real number, no matter how low it was, the audience would not believe it!

For example, if a platform with millions of popular streamers said that their real number was 500,000, the audience would definitely not believe it. If they said that their popularity was only 50,000, the audience would mock him for faking it, but at the same time, they would still not believe it!

That was because everyone would only think that the live-stream platform was fake. The 50,000 viewers also meant to make it sound better.

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The live-stream platform, which had been using popularity to replace the real number of people and using agreement gifts to replace the real gifts, had actually lost the trust of the audience.

Most of the viewers were just watching for fun and did not take the numbers seriously.

Therefore, the other live-stream platforms would not be able to counterattack or prove themselves if they seized this point!

The best part was that they had the reputation of Bunny Tail Live-stream and Tengda Corporation as their backers!

Bunny Tail Live-Stream was a platform created by Boss Pei. All the live-streams were real data. However, the live-stream platform did not deliberately highlight this point.

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Some viewers knew that Bunny Tail’s live-stream showed the real number of viewers, but they did not publicize it, so it did not have much influence.

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If Long Yu Corporation were to fork out money to do marketing and let more people know that the number of people live-streaming Bunny Tail was real, while the other live-stream platforms were fake popularity and filled with various fake situations...

Wouldn’t that prove that the ICL league was actually very popular? The data looked as though it was burning because they were too honest?

He had solved this problem perfectly!

Zhao Xuming was elated. “That’s a good idea! Let’s do that!”

“Buy fake reviewers immediately. Get someone to go online to set the tempo. Say that other live-stream platforms are seriously faking it. Those popular live-streamers only have tens of thousands or even fewer viewers. The number of viewers for Bunny Tail’s live-stream is completely real!”