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With this answer, Katsuragi got out of the way quietly. Sakura showed signs of uneasiness and we hurriedly returned back. Having returned with Sakura to the base camp, I reported about finding corn.

“Great achievement, Ayanokouji! Sakura as well! Let’s go get it right now, Yamauchi!” Standing nearby, Ike called out to Yamauchi. He then energetically dashed to us and with a force that could knock me down, he grabbed my arm, pulling me away from Sakura.

“ Y-y-you! Why are you alone with Sakura with your upper body naked!? What! Hey!?”

“Calm down. That’s a big misunderstanding. We didn’t do anything so, calm down.”

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I didn’t know what sort of delusions he had, but this wasn’t the time to oppose Yamauchi.

“I have to talk to Hirata. I’m sorry.”

“I trust you, Ayanokouji!”

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I passed by shouting at Yamauchi in order to report the case of corn. Soon after, we formed a team of students in the camp, who would depart once again to bring corn to us. In addition, there were also plans to explore other places and find food.

Sometime after 1PM, they returned after finishing all the harvest.

“There’s so many of it!”

We weren’t short of corn, with plenty packed in the bag.

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“But it was dangerous. That guy Katsuragi from A class was nearby.”

It seemed like Katsuragi decided to follow us by staying at that place without taking away the corn. This guy seemed as if he lacked both good and bad intentions.

On the 4th day on the uninhabited island, changes started to occur little by little and we reached a turning point. I went deaf to the complaints yelled around but then, at some point, I realized that non-stop laughter filled the place. We added some Indian corn we found to the fishes Ike and others caught. Every resistance against drinking the river’s water disappeared too. Some things, like the fruits that my classmates found, helped us in saving more points than we planned to get us through the trial.