What is new in online makeup models?

What is new in online makeup models?

I somehow managed to defend his strong kick with my sword, but was sent flying horizontally like a ball.

「Ga, ha…」

My back crashed into a huge rock making me spew out all the air in my lungs.

The tremendous impact made my consciousness waver and my sword slipped from my right hand.

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(Defense… was absolutely pointless…)

Before that overwhelming violence, the defenses that I had acquired in the past were of no use.

「Hey, here comes the finishing blow…!」

「Shit…. I’m not gonna… accept defeat… !」

The moment I thrust my hands forward, towards his looming fist,

Circular darkness unfolded forward and perfectly defended his straight right.

Towards the unbelievable scene that unfolded,

(T-This is… !)