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“Chiaki, …this is the…Main Fushiguro I talked to you a bit about before…”

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“Huh! S-She’s the evil being you said…!”


What the hell did this seaweed just say!? Well, even though Aguri-san and I were describing Main-san as a vicious villain usually!

After I fell silent, Chiaki seems to have noticed her mistake as well. She covered her mouth. …As for Main-san, she smiled and answered Chiaki.

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“Thanks for taking care of Keita. I’m the owner of Keita Amano, Main Fushiguro.”

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Feeder. She suddenly spewed that ultra-impactful word out politely.

Then, she pretended to be a mature woman and chuckled. Although Chiaki looked a bit shocked, she still greeted her humbly.

“Ah, well, I’m Chiaki Hoshinomori! Uh, …I’m friends with Kei- Amano-kun…”

“Ah, it’s Hoshinomori! I’ve been looking forward to meeting you! Haha, you’re just as beautiful as Keita said!”

What the hell did she just say? Didn’t I just say Chiaki looks “objectively quite beautiful” when I’m talking about her? I can’t believe her…!

“…Hehe, Keita does have some lovable parts too…!”