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Online selling video material make money?

This Bickering Machine was the same style as before. As long as the user wanted to bicker, they would continue to do so. It would never admit defeat. They were in an endless loop whether it was the mechanical structure of the Bickering Machine or the voice bickering.

Qiao Liang spent a long time mentally preparing himself before he finally stopped. He also decided not to provoke AEEIS in the future.

They had to get along well now that they were under the same roof.

“Oh, right. someone mentioned online that this can match the lines.”

Qiao Liang found the dialogue between Qin Yi and AEEIS online and played with it as though he was undergoing a Pubscent Crisis.

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However, this function could only be considered a small combo with the game, a small Easter egg. To Qiao Liang, the three most useful functions of the Fully-Automated Intelligent Bickering Machine were the surround sound effect of the echo wall, the decorative effect of the Bickering Machine, and the smart speaker controlling the smart home in the room.

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The Sloth Apartments came with some smart apartments which could be controlled by AEEIS. All he had to do was shout in the living room.

However, the popularity of smart devices had not risen yet, so there were not many smart home devices that could be controlled. They could continue to expand in the future.

“This sound system is really not bad, especially this bickering mode. What kind of genius designed this! I have to publicize it!”

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Qiao Liang immediately took out his cell phone and posted a Weibo message.

“I strongly recommend Tengda’s new Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine, especially the Bickering Mode. It’s especially fun. You have to experience it!”

At Shang Yang Games...

Wang Xiaobin was happily reading the gamers’ comments on the downloadable content of the games. He was overjoyed.

The downloadable content of the update this time was quite good, and it had a good reputation as well. It could be said that he had completed the task given by Boss Pei perfectly!

This was a huge improvement and breakthrough for a designer like Wang Xiaobin who was not good at playing games.

He really wanted to show off to Ye Zhizhou, but when he turned around, he realized that Ye Zhizhou was still in Los Angeles.

Among the many posts praising the downloadable content, there were also many people recommending the new Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine.

There was no way to find out how it became popular, but it was obvious that more and more netizens were discussing it online!